Welcome! My name’s Cam. I’m a product designer and startup founder.

My whole adult life, I’ve been obsessed with learning how to live well in the modern world. It’s gotten crazy out there, and the craziness is accelerating. How do you become healthy, happy, and impactful in an environment humans didn’t evolved for?

For example: how do you focus? The internet has produced distractions that are 10x as potent as the ones humans used to battle. Meanwhile, many people’s work has moved entirely online, where those distractions are always a tap away. That’s a really hard challenge that didn’t exist 20 years ago, and there are lots more just like it.

So, I’m trying to figure out a framework for living a good life in the 2020’s and beyond, and condensing my thoughts here. In Bright Blue, I explore questions like, “How do you generate motivation?”, and, “How do you cultivate gratitude?”.

If you want to join in the pursuit, I’d love the company. You can subscribe below, and DM me on Twitter if you want to chat!